Songstress Jennifer Kennard

Photograph By Krista Lee Photography
Meet multi-talented Jennifer Kennard, a Toronto native who now calls Nashville home with her husband Brad and infant son Emerson. She is one of the many talented songwriters my husband has had the honor to write with. I first meet the energetic and radiant songwriter while she was working towards the release of her EP Lonely Girl in 2009. I was moved by the amount of passion and depth that was so seamlessly intertwined in songs like "Angeline" and "Higher Ground". Jennifer's songs are a true fusion of smart, powerful lyrics over well formulated tunes and delivered without straining the aim of her music.

In 2009, Jennifer found one of her collaborations "Virgina Bluebell" on country music sweetheart Miranda Lambert's award winning Revolution album. This year Jennifer began a new chapter in her songwriting career after signing with John and Martina McBride's 'Songs of Black Bird' Publishing Company, a division of Blackbird Studios. In just three short years, Songs of Black Bird boasts an already impressive roster that now includes Kennard. Keep your ears open, ladies and gentlemen, because I am expecting more big things and hits to come from the heart of this strong, young songwriter.
This sweet lady was kind enough to grant me an interview to discuss all things music and the balance of career and motherhood in the music industry.

Interview With Songwriter Jennifer Kennard

Question: What is the first song you can remember falling totally in love with?
Answer: Nothing Compares to You by Sinead O’Connor written by Prince.

Question: How long have you been writing songs?
Answer: Since I was 18 years old.

Question: Do you base any of your songs off personal life experiences?
Answer: Many of them are based on personal experience or the experiences of those I know. But most of them venture off into something more listeners can empathize with.

Question: Currently what indie Artist/Songwriter can you not get enough of?
Answer: Lucinda Williams.

Question: Out of all the songs you have written which one do you relate to the most?
Answer: As Long as the Kids were Alright

Question: Who do you look at for support and encouragement?
Answer: My husband, Bradford.

Question: How did you feel when you got your first cut?
Answer: Validated as a songwriter, accomplished as an artist.

Question: When you think of just the word MUSIC what does it mean to you?
Answer: An inhale for my spirit, an exhale for my soul.

Question: The music industry can be very tough. Are all the struggles worth it just to chase after the dream?
Answer: I think music was just the vehicle of accomplishing the ultimate dream of love and finding my husband. And I go into battle everyday with the industry because if I found him in the struggles imagine what else in waiting in for me in the trenches.

Question: What advice would you give a newcomer coming to Nashville to be a songwriter?
Answer: Persistence and perseverance is key, but always follow your heart.

Question: Has becoming a Mother changed anything when in comes to your songwriting/career?
Answer: It’s changed everything! From when I write to what I write about.
My son is my muse. He’s taught me that if someone puts a wall in front of me, I can climb it. I may fall, suffer some bumps and bruises, but I’ll get over it.

Question: Now that you are a mother what are your opinions of music education in the public school systems?
Answer: An absolute necessity! Children need to be exposed to all aspects of music.
From listening to playing, from learning to composing. Music has been such a positive and inspiring influence in my life, I can’t imagine never being introduced to it at a young age.

Question: Last question how do you balance it all motherhood and career?
Answer: Lots of prayer.

The Bluebird Cafe

Bluebird Cafe in the round brought to you by Music City Unsigned featuring Heather Bond, Robert Kelly, Marie Hines, and I am excited to say my talented husband Stephen Garrett. It is thrilling for us that Stephen was selected to be among this select group of talented songwriters to share his songs at the legendary Bluebird Cafe. On top of such an honor we were astounded to find out the venue's 20 table reserved seating have been sold out a little over a week before the show date. We are expecting a full house and a great show from all of the talent featured Thursday September 15, 2011 at 6:00pm.

If anyone is still interested in attending the show, I would encourage you to arrive around 5:30pm to get in line for access to bar, pew, and no show table seating. The bar and pew seats are available on a first come/first serve basis, and you must be at least 21 years old to sit at the bar. There is no cover charge for this show however, there is $7 food and drink minimum at the bar and tables.

I know Stephen is excited to share a few of his latest songs and what better place to do so than at Nashville's Bluebird Cafe surrounded by an array of talented songwriters and a full house of music fans that simply enjoy lending their ears for the simple love of raw, uncut, original lyrics and melodies!

Stay tuned to find out how the show went....

Verdict In

Tonight I found myself in a private family listening party as the boys and I check out the finished mixes on two new songs “Calling Your Name” and “Little Things”. The verdict is in and we love them. I can’t wait for everyone else to hear these songs that combine the song writing talents of Stephen Garrett and Jared Crump. Stay tuned for more excitement surrounding the new songs. Maybe even a few behind the scences stories about the birth of the lyrics and melodies that construct these songs.

Heart of Worship

My family's lives are filled with music on a daily occurrence. Each day a discovery of things like a new melody, a voice that inspires, a lyric that moves us, a song that enkindles our feet to resort to dance. Music is simply put, a significant part of The Garrett family dynamic. It affects all of us.

Our family's Christian faith is no different. Music plays a vital role in our relationships with Christ. Over the past several months I have witnessed my family, along with my church family, grow with a fresh and fruitful connection with the Lord during our praise and worship times.

My husband, who has been obediently stepping into a worship leader role within our church family, joins an array of talented musicians and vocalists serving the Lord and His people with their gifted talents. Their responsibility as God's servants is to lead God's people into a time of celebration, worship and praise. A Holy Spirit called job that they do not take lightly. It has been awe inspiring as the body of Christ has been using worship as a tool to pull away from their carnal nature and rising closer to El Shaddai "God Almighty"(Gen. 17:1).

On a more personal level it has been truly inspiring to watch my husband using his musical talent to bring glory to the Lord. I believe his act of obedience to the Lord was the first step in leading this family to a closer connection to the Lord. My heart is forever grateful to have a spouse that is sensitive and obedient to the Holy Spirit's leading in his life.

There is absolutely a beauty and a freedom that is being washed over this family now that we have allowed another form of music to deeply take root in our lives and this family. A music that is used to glorify and praise, a music that equips us for spiritual warfare, a music that offers up thanksgivings, a music that feeds our souls, a music that is all about our Heavenly Father. This music is the heart of worship.

Therefore, I urge you brothers in view of God's mercy, to offer your bodies as living scarifies, holy and pleasing to God - this is your spiritual act of worship. Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but transform by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God's will is- His good, pleasing, and perfect will. Romans 12:1-2

Pajama Jam

Inside the walls of my home on any given night this is always a possibility of normal activity for Carter the eldest son in the Garrett clan. A little late night pajama jam. Carter taking a few pointers from his dad, and learning a few chords on his bass. I can only imagine in my son's head he is pretending to be Sir Paul McCartney. However we did recently get him to buy some music that is unrelated to The Beatles or Paul McCartney. Looks like Michael Jackson is joining my young son's music collection.

Late Night Pajama Jam

On The Road Again

Russell Garrett
Today is my favorite brother-in-laws birthday. So I thought that makes this the perfect day to tell you a little bit about the multi-talented little brother of my husband. Oh and a big Happy Birthday to you Russ!

Like I have stated in prior articles, the Garrett family is littered with an array of musical talent and the youngest son of Marty and Lounetta Garrett, and younger brother to my husband, is no exception. Music comes as naturally as breathing for Russell Garrett.  You will often hear the duo of Stephen and Russell referred to as the Garrett Brothers. Both brothers are musically talented and are gifted with singing voices and the ability to strum a guitar. However, Russell has also been gifted with the mechanics of music and the ability to grasp how music should be made. Russell or Russ, as he is known by friends and family, has been as comfortable behind the sound board as he is on stage performing in front of it since a young age.

Russell and Steel Magnolia Ft. Loramie, OH 
After moving to Nashville to study at Belmont University in the Fall of 2001, Russell began digging out his own little niche in the music world behind the scenes by engineering, stage managing, guitar teching, and producing.  Within around two years time after making the move to Nashville, Russell found himself on the road touring with the likes of Chris Tomlin, Stephen Curtis Chapman, Third Day, Barlow Girl, Steel MagnoliaBig Kenny, Steve Earle, and most recently country music rising star Luke Bryan.

Russell's skills go beyond live sound productions as he brings his keen listening ear into the studio world as well and has a brilliant eye for spotting Nashville youngest and brightest studio musicians.

A Little Teacher Appreciation

Life can throw some pretty incredible people in your path and in this case the path of my oldest son Carter.  My sons, Carter and Wesley, attend Cole Elementary School where you will find music teacher Mr. William Laarz.  As the mother of three boys interested deeply in music and a husband who not only works in the music industry, but also contributes to the indie artist/songwriting end as well, you can only arrive at the conclusion that music education is an important element to the public education of our children.  Both to us and the children themselves.

Mr. Laarz During An After School Music Program

We have been so very pleased with Mr. Laarz's dedication to not only educating our children in music, but also the way he encourages and supports the children. My sons, both Carter and Wesley, react in such a positive way to Mr. Laarz's approach on teaching.  Carter particularly lights up with every complement Mr. Laarz pays him and I believe this causes a chain reaction in my son to work harder to improve his musical abilities. Certainly this could play a vital role in my son’s future, both as a musician and as a person functioning in everyday society.

Mr. Laarz is most certainly part of what makes Cole Elementary a stand out school in our Metro Nashville public school system.  Thank you Mr. Laarz for everything you have done and are doing in my child’s life. Also thank you to the Cole Elementary staff and faculty!   Every single one of you are appreciated and the work you do in the lives of this community's children does not go unnoticed.  I am happy and proud that my children get to be part of such a supporting and active school.  Thank you for caring about my children's education almost as much as I do!!!

Following Footsteps

I originally published this post on "Inside My Head", but thought now that this blog exist it is a much better home for this particular post about my oldest son Carter. He has a lot going on with his music lately, and there are few more post to come about him in the near future, but here is a little preview/back drop on the eldest son in my household.

Watching my oldest son’s passion for music leaves me simply amazed. He is certainly following in the footsteps of his father and his young talent is awe-inspiring. His love for the art of music and his ability to absorb melodies comes to him as naturally as breathing. At a very young age, he realized that the ABC song and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star were the same melody. While most children are marveling with superheroes or fascinated with the newest toy fads, my eight year old son collecting Beatles songs to add to his musical library.During a shopping trip with the family he navigates himself to the CD section, while most children are screaming for the toy aisles. His love for music is something very special indeed.It’s a unique gift that I believe is passed down through the generations, tightly sewn into this family tree like a woven tapestry of music fibers flowing though their very core. To my oldest son music is a way of life. It’s just not an option to go through the day without it. It feels like such an honor to be a witness to the growing talent within my young son. From his very first talent show as a first grader, to whatever adventure this love for music leads him on, I find this talent of his such a beautiful blessing upon this family. I don’t think my heart will ever get tired of hearing him lift his voice in song to share with others. He is truly a very special little boy in my eyes !

Carter singing "I Saw Her Standing There" by The Beatles in his 2nd grade talent show in 2010

MS4MS (Music Show for Multiple Sclerosis)

On April 15th, 2011, Stephen and I traveled back home to Livingston, TN for a weekend of family time and to take part in a special fundraising event for Multiple Sclerosis the night of April 16th.

MS Event April 16th 2011

The event was hosted by Team Trena who has thus far raised over $7,000 dollars in just a few months for MS. Team Trena was formed in honor of Trena Farmer who is living her life with Multiple Sclerosis. The evening consisted of delicious food served in an amazing atmosphere set up in the local dance studio in Overton County.  Stephen Garrett and Adam Ryan provided the musical entertainment in front a hometown crowd. Both singer/songwriters  performed original tunes along with sharing a few cover tunes from artist that have inspired and influenced them.  Ms. Pat Gore (sister of Trena Farmer) made an appearance on stage lending her voice to a few songs in a short set with Stephen consisting of songs like “Stay”, “The House that Built Me”, and  “American Honey”. 

I would rate the evening as a complete success and I believe that all those involved in the Team Trena fight for a Multiple Sclerosis cure deserve recognition for planning such a classy and successful night. A job very well done, indeed!
Everyone is welcome to attended the next MS event April 30th at Cane Creek at 9:00am.

Radio Star...

A little bit of excitement in the world of my husband’s (Stephen Garrett) musical adventures a few months ago another radio station, WGCS 91.1 FM in Goshen, IN, to be exact, added one of my husband’s songs, “Living Dead” to the rotation. Yep that’s right folks my husband is radio star. Okay maybe star is a little bit of stretch at this point in the journey, but never the less this was some fun news to receive.  It's great to have had local play from the likes of Lightning 100 and WRVU, but it's always great to hear of spins outside of our area in places like St. Louis and Goshen, IN.  Not to mention, it was a bit of a bonus for me as the song writers wife since “Living Dead” just happens to be my favorite song of the 10 songs from his Four Letter Word album!

Now Showing

If you live in the Nashville area, now is your chance to come out and lend your listening ear.  So, you can find out first hand what this blog talks so much about. I am talking about MUSIC and at the heart of music are the songwriters. They are the talent that captures our dreams, love, hope, admirations, and they turn all of the emotions and moments of our lives into beautiful lyrics and melodies without ever stepping foot into our lives.  When you're married to a songwriter, often times your life is the music, but that's a whole different story all together. For now, you should checkout for yourself the songwriting gifts of Jared Crump, Elliot Collett, Stephen Garrett, and Adam Ryan at Belcourt Taps & Tapas tomorrow Saturday, March 26th the show starts at 8pm.......Don't be late!!!
Make Reservations & Bring Your Friends Along

Behind the Scenes

Here is a little sneak behind the scenes of what my brother-in-law, Russell Garrett, has been up to the past several months. Back in January, Russell was privileged to begin work as a stage manager with songwriter and country music rising star, Luke Bryan. Luke Bryan has belonged to the country music family since 2001, but made his debut as an artist in 2007 with his first single "All My Friends Say". Luke now has several number one hits under his belt both as an artist and a songwriter. Russell has enjoyed his new gig with Luke Bryan and the experiences it has given him in his career.

Sound check at Qwest Center in Omaha, NE "Nothing Like This" tour in which Luke Bryan opened for Rascal Flatts.

Past Interwined With Present

Traveling back to about 11 years ago, I was just shy of turning sixteen, super excited and very nervous to be interviewing for a entry level position at the Overton County News. You know, "the sweep the floor, deliver the papers, and take in the world of writing going on around me" kind of position. Never the less, I was excited. So there I was sitting across from Carson Oliver(Chief as we called him) owner and operator of the award winning weekly publication in Livingston, TN. By the end of the interview I was smiling with the knowledge that in a couple of weeks, when the paper settled into their shiny, and much roomer new building located on West Main Street, I would be employed by the Overton County News. I am sure that working for the newspaper only fueled my desire to overcome dyslexia and write to the best of my ability. I have to say that my first job was by far the coolest first job, I mean it sure beat flipping burgers for gas money. I continued to work at the paper for the next 3 years up until I married and moved away to Nashville in May of 2000. It was a sad day telling Carson I was leaving…I actually loved my job and all the people that I worked with, but I was off to Nashville to chase after a dream with my husband.
So you may be asking what does working at a paper in my past intertwine with here and now and the theme of this blog mostly being music??…Well besides the Overton County News giving me so many of the skills I use to blog,  while I was employed there I met Darren Oliver whom  has become a huge supporter of my husband’s music career. Often times he and his ever so beautiful fiancee, Pat Gore, make trips to come out and support the music. Whether that’s  a late night trip to Nashvegas or bringing us in to Livingston for a little home town support!
Most recently Darren put together this amazing 40th birthday party bash for Pat at a local dance studio located on the square in Livingston, TN, which included  food, cake, candle light, good friends, and music. Stephen and I where both so honored when Darren approached Stephen about performing at the the party which would include the Birthday girl living a dream and performing  for a live audience.  I have to say the party was wildly successful and so very much fun to be apart of. Pat’s performance was priceless.  In other words, she did an amazing job!!!
Photo Credit Darren Oilver
So all that to really just say that I have been blown away by the support we have received from my old co-worker, and I just want to say thank you for all of it. All the support is so appreciated, and it’s always so good to see a familiar face in the crowd when Stephen performs. A face that reminds me of the best job I ever had, and a face that reminds me that people really do get excited and they really do connect with the music. So thank you for being such a loyal and supportive fan and friend Darren!

House Show

It’s a house show, Stephen Garrett style! You might be asking, What is a house show? Well, a house show is about bringing an acoustic concert to you. These types of concerts have been more popular on the European music scene, but they are gaining popularity, mostly among indie songwriters, in the American music community. So, here is the explanation of a Stephen Garrett House Show, in a nut shell. We provide the music via Stephen Garrett, and his trusty acoustic guitar, and you provide the party space, and friends. The effect has been a more intimate coffee house style concert right in your very own living-room. Giving listeners a chance to ask questions, and hear the stories behind the songs.

So far we have done a few of these concerts, all them a smashing success with yummy food, good friends, and, in my biased opinion, splendid music. It has been an inspiring journey getting to meet with new and old fans in such unconventional way organizing and executing concerts. We have been pleasantly surprised at the encouragement and support we have received when bouncing around and trying out this new method of performing. I admit, on a personal level, I have loved hearing the opinions and interruptions of the songs from the people we have performed in front of. All around, it has been an enjoyable part of this musical journey we are on.

The first of the house shows turned out a little bigger than expected and morphed into more of a bonfire party at a private boat club in Knoxville, TN, which was hosted by the ever so sweet couple of Josh and Abby Copeland. This concert featured a guest appearance by Stephen’s, also multi-talented younger brother, Russell. I always love when the two of them get the chance to perform together. There is just something about the way that brothers sing together. Maybe it’s because these two have been doing it their entire lives or perhaps, as many have suggested, it's something in their DNA that allows them to harmonize so well, but whatever it may be it just adds a whole new tone to the shows. One I personally enjoy!

Knoxville, TN

For the second house show we stayed local, and turned this show into a celebration of Russell becoming a home owner here in Nashville, TN. Doesn’t everyone celebrate by having concerts in there living rooms? This party featured a couple of other uber talented songwriters/musicians which included Jeremy Yurek and Marc Scibilia. A good majority of the friends surrounding Stephen at this party were very familiar with the record, some of the guests even contributed to the work put into making “Four Letter Word”. This helped turn this house show into a sing-a-long with people calling out requests and Stephen obliged! How fun is that, when people know the songs well enough to request their favorites and contribute by singing along!

Most recently, we found ourselves in Chattanooga, TN for a house show in the cozy and very welcoming home of Kathlina and Lee Alford. The party took place right before Christmas and the spirit of Christmas was in the air, including all the decorations which made for such a fun setting. Kathlina also cooked up some amazing food to treat all the guests with yum! My favorite part of the show had to be 2 ½ year old little Lucy, a niece of the host family. Little Lucy chiming in with some of her fabulous dance moves and her own special request  including “Old McDonald Had A Farm” and “It’s A Grand Old Flag”. I am pretty sure she stole the show right out from under Stephen, leaving a super sweet and personal touch on this house party experience!

Chattanooga, TN starring Little Lucy

I would like to give a big thank you to all the hosts so far. Thank you for lending us your home and your friends and thanks for supporting this crazy new little adventure of ours. Thank you for sharing in the music and the dream with us! All these could not be possible without people like you! Cheers to you, each and every one.

Side note, if you would be interested in hosting a Stephen Garrett House Show, feel free to contact me or checkout the Stephen Garrett{music} website for information about the music. There is also a contact form on his website to contact him directly.

Wonderment of Growth

Carter Age 2
Most children the same age as my own more than likely spent snow days playing video games, coloring pictures, or playing with favorite toys. Which my children also do, but many hours of these snow days, for my oldest son, Carter, have been spent with a musical instrument in hand (bass/guitar). For him, I guess that would be considered his favorite toy. He has been practicing chords that his dad recently taught him. Recently meaning, the day before yesterday. I have to admit, it’s been kind of nice to hear some sense coming of those instruments considering that for the past seven years it's mostly been beating and banging. The reason being, Carter has chosen a guitar over toys since before he could walk. It’s pretty amazing to be a witness to talent coming to life in your children. It’s all in all a pretty special gift that God gives us parents. We get to be witnesses to our children’s gifts, watching them grow and develop the things they are good at. No matter what the talent might be, it’s just a special thing watch it unfold into something beautiful. That is if us parents take the time to stop, and in my case, listen to the music.

Carter at age 8

An Influence for Generations

Tucked away in the quiet little community of Allons, TN, lives one of The Garrett family's living legacies. Edwin Garrett, or more commonly known as Grandad to the family, was born in Overton County, Tennessee, as he says, way back in 1933. I am guessing back then Edwin had no idea what an influence his love for Christ and music would make on his family throughout several generations. For years, Edwin has been a staple in the Allons community as a deacon at Allons Baptist Church, a beloved retired school teacher, elected official, a legendary storyteller, a warrior for Christ, cherished friend to many, farmer, and music lover and entertainer, among many other things. To his family he is simply Grandad and always a loving tender hearted man willing to give a listening ear and a good word of advice to any of us in need of such a service. Edwin is where much of the Garrett family tree has gained it’s passion for music and it's nothing out of the normal for the family to set around listening to his stories or picking up guitars and jamming to old gospel tunes. So this, folks, is where the dream all started….way back in 1933. Not because it was planned or sought after, but just because music and love was rooted in the very heart of the Garrett family clan.

I asked Grandad if he would take part in a little interview and he graciously accepted and the results of that interview went something like this.

Can you tell me a little about your background in brief detail?
I attended a one-teacher school, Cedar Grove near where I was born. We walked to school and enjoyed playing games that we "made up." My parents Ove and Booz Garrett and Maxine, my sister, lived in the house where my dad and his dad were born. It was built by Arture (Arter) Garrett who was my great grandfather.

Where, and when did your love for music show up?
So far back I cannot remember. My mother said I would hum the tune to songs before I could talk.

What kind of effect has music had on your life?
It has influenced me in many ways. I am inspired by good Gospel and Country music and learn something from almost every song I sing or hear.

Can you imagine your life without music?
I cannot imagine that. It's so much a part of everything I think and do. I find a song title in almost every phrase I see written or hear spoken, even in your blogs.

How important has music been to you throughout the years?
It lifts me when I'm low, solaces me when I'm sad, and comforts me when I'm alone.

What style of music do you prefer over most others?
Old Country & Gospel.

Do you remember the first song that you fell in love with?
We had an old RCA Victrola and some Carter Family records that I listened to a lot. But I guess the first song I fell in love with was "The Great Speckled Bird" by Roy Acuff. Then when I was around 18 years old Hank Snow, the Singing Ranger, released "I'm Moving On" and I fell in love all over again.

Whats your favorite instrument(s)?
Well, the guitar is the only one I play so that would have to be my favorite. If I could play it, the fiddle would probably be the one I would choose.

Whats your favorite song right now, and why?
It's really difficult for me to pick one song above another because they all touch me in different ways. Recently I ran across a copy of the old Gospel song "I Won't Have to Cross Jordan Alone." What a powerful melody and lyrics it has!

What other musicians have influenced, and inspired you on your musical journey?
Earnest Tubb, Eddy Arnold, Hank Snow, and Hank Williams, and the two great singing cowboys from the movies, Roy and Gene.

As a retired public educator what are your thoughts on music in the public education system?
That's an easy question with a simple answer--not enough. As a teacher I used music to teach almost every subject, especially history. Ask a few of my former students about me and they'll almost always say, "Oh yeah, he used to sing 'The Battle of New Orleans' all the time." There was always music in my school. I've said for years that there is so much musical talent in these hills, and it should be developed more in our schools.

You and your wife Peggy have celebrated how many anniversaries together?
We have celebrated 55 happy years together, and on February 13, 2011 we plan to celebrate another.

How has your wife influenced your musical journey?
Peg has been my strongest supporter and greatest critic. She also gave me the greatest compliment I have ever received although I cannot relate it here.

What do you think about your grandsons, Stephen and Russell's career paths in the music industry?
I am very proud of them. They both seem to be where they want to be at this point in life. They are both talented young men and I predict they will go far in music.

Your legacy has grown quite large, and now spans several generations. How does it make you feel to know that you have passed down such a passionate love for music to your children, grandchildren, and now your great grandchildren?
I am greatly humbled by the fact that I have been able to perform with my children and grandchildren, and, hopefully, my great-grandchildren sometime very soon.

Any advice or stories you would like to share to wrap up this interview?
My advise would be to follow their dreams as far as they take them and keep singing and writing songs just as long as you have one in your heart. Stories? Far too many to tell here.

*Photo credit to Terasa Lewis

The Dream

The history behind the idea of this blog goes a little something like this. Since I was around the age of 14 years old, my life has been surrounded by music. Introduced to music by my, then boyfriend and now husband of ten years, Stephen Garrett. My husband’s family are all pretty much musically talented with the exception of his Mother, Lounetta (whom I have heard rumors she has a hidden singing voice, but I have never actually heard her sing). She is however the heart and soul of her family's support bracket. I have much to learn from her abilities to bless her family with so much selfless support. Her face always lights up and she has this beaming glow of pride about her when engaged in conversation about the musical talent in her family tree. Marty Garrett, her husband and a talented songwriter in his own right, and both of her sons Stephen and Russell all possess this musical gift that I Swear is written into this family's DNA.

Both Stephen and Russell have found themselves in Nashville, TN digging out their own little niche in the music industry. A process that is both exciting, challenging, and not without its sacrifices. This blog is about all of it. It’s about the pretty little melodies written into the lives of the Garrett Clan. It’s also about the legacy that music is breeding into the lives of my three sons, along with the difficulties, the challenges that have come our way. Most important, it’s about making it work and chasing after the dream that has been passed down for generations. All of this from the perspective of a wife and mother who was not born into the dream, and actually has not one ounce of music talent running through her own veins, but finds herself smack down in the middle of world overflowing with musical talent. While I find myself not necessarily passionate about the lyrics, but deeply passionate about the love behind the scenes. This is our journey, our hopes, our dreams…..Welcome to Lyrics & Love a blog about music, love, and the lives that are surrounded with both.