Following Footsteps

I originally published this post on "Inside My Head", but thought now that this blog exist it is a much better home for this particular post about my oldest son Carter. He has a lot going on with his music lately, and there are few more post to come about him in the near future, but here is a little preview/back drop on the eldest son in my household.

Watching my oldest son’s passion for music leaves me simply amazed. He is certainly following in the footsteps of his father and his young talent is awe-inspiring. His love for the art of music and his ability to absorb melodies comes to him as naturally as breathing. At a very young age, he realized that the ABC song and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star were the same melody. While most children are marveling with superheroes or fascinated with the newest toy fads, my eight year old son collecting Beatles songs to add to his musical library.During a shopping trip with the family he navigates himself to the CD section, while most children are screaming for the toy aisles. His love for music is something very special indeed.It’s a unique gift that I believe is passed down through the generations, tightly sewn into this family tree like a woven tapestry of music fibers flowing though their very core. To my oldest son music is a way of life. It’s just not an option to go through the day without it. It feels like such an honor to be a witness to the growing talent within my young son. From his very first talent show as a first grader, to whatever adventure this love for music leads him on, I find this talent of his such a beautiful blessing upon this family. I don’t think my heart will ever get tired of hearing him lift his voice in song to share with others. He is truly a very special little boy in my eyes !

Carter singing "I Saw Her Standing There" by The Beatles in his 2nd grade talent show in 2010

MS4MS (Music Show for Multiple Sclerosis)

On April 15th, 2011, Stephen and I traveled back home to Livingston, TN for a weekend of family time and to take part in a special fundraising event for Multiple Sclerosis the night of April 16th.

MS Event April 16th 2011

The event was hosted by Team Trena who has thus far raised over $7,000 dollars in just a few months for MS. Team Trena was formed in honor of Trena Farmer who is living her life with Multiple Sclerosis. The evening consisted of delicious food served in an amazing atmosphere set up in the local dance studio in Overton County.  Stephen Garrett and Adam Ryan provided the musical entertainment in front a hometown crowd. Both singer/songwriters  performed original tunes along with sharing a few cover tunes from artist that have inspired and influenced them.  Ms. Pat Gore (sister of Trena Farmer) made an appearance on stage lending her voice to a few songs in a short set with Stephen consisting of songs like “Stay”, “The House that Built Me”, and  “American Honey”. 

I would rate the evening as a complete success and I believe that all those involved in the Team Trena fight for a Multiple Sclerosis cure deserve recognition for planning such a classy and successful night. A job very well done, indeed!
Everyone is welcome to attended the next MS event April 30th at Cane Creek at 9:00am.

Radio Star...

A little bit of excitement in the world of my husband’s (Stephen Garrett) musical adventures a few months ago another radio station, WGCS 91.1 FM in Goshen, IN, to be exact, added one of my husband’s songs, “Living Dead” to the rotation. Yep that’s right folks my husband is radio star. Okay maybe star is a little bit of stretch at this point in the journey, but never the less this was some fun news to receive.  It's great to have had local play from the likes of Lightning 100 and WRVU, but it's always great to hear of spins outside of our area in places like St. Louis and Goshen, IN.  Not to mention, it was a bit of a bonus for me as the song writers wife since “Living Dead” just happens to be my favorite song of the 10 songs from his Four Letter Word album!