The Dream

The history behind the idea of this blog goes a little something like this. Since I was around the age of 14 years old, my life has been surrounded by music. Introduced to music by my, then boyfriend and now husband of ten years, Stephen Garrett. My husband’s family are all pretty much musically talented with the exception of his Mother, Lounetta (whom I have heard rumors she has a hidden singing voice, but I have never actually heard her sing). She is however the heart and soul of her family's support bracket. I have much to learn from her abilities to bless her family with so much selfless support. Her face always lights up and she has this beaming glow of pride about her when engaged in conversation about the musical talent in her family tree. Marty Garrett, her husband and a talented songwriter in his own right, and both of her sons Stephen and Russell all possess this musical gift that I Swear is written into this family's DNA.

Both Stephen and Russell have found themselves in Nashville, TN digging out their own little niche in the music industry. A process that is both exciting, challenging, and not without its sacrifices. This blog is about all of it. It’s about the pretty little melodies written into the lives of the Garrett Clan. It’s also about the legacy that music is breeding into the lives of my three sons, along with the difficulties, the challenges that have come our way. Most important, it’s about making it work and chasing after the dream that has been passed down for generations. All of this from the perspective of a wife and mother who was not born into the dream, and actually has not one ounce of music talent running through her own veins, but finds herself smack down in the middle of world overflowing with musical talent. While I find myself not necessarily passionate about the lyrics, but deeply passionate about the love behind the scenes. This is our journey, our hopes, our dreams…..Welcome to Lyrics & Love a blog about music, love, and the lives that are surrounded with both.

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