On The Road Again

Russell Garrett
Today is my favorite brother-in-laws birthday. So I thought that makes this the perfect day to tell you a little bit about the multi-talented little brother of my husband. Oh and a big Happy Birthday to you Russ!

Like I have stated in prior articles, the Garrett family is littered with an array of musical talent and the youngest son of Marty and Lounetta Garrett, and younger brother to my husband, is no exception. Music comes as naturally as breathing for Russell Garrett.  You will often hear the duo of Stephen and Russell referred to as the Garrett Brothers. Both brothers are musically talented and are gifted with singing voices and the ability to strum a guitar. However, Russell has also been gifted with the mechanics of music and the ability to grasp how music should be made. Russell or Russ, as he is known by friends and family, has been as comfortable behind the sound board as he is on stage performing in front of it since a young age.

Russell and Steel Magnolia Ft. Loramie, OH 
After moving to Nashville to study at Belmont University in the Fall of 2001, Russell began digging out his own little niche in the music world behind the scenes by engineering, stage managing, guitar teching, and producing.  Within around two years time after making the move to Nashville, Russell found himself on the road touring with the likes of Chris Tomlin, Stephen Curtis Chapman, Third Day, Barlow Girl, Steel MagnoliaBig Kenny, Steve Earle, and most recently country music rising star Luke Bryan.

Russell's skills go beyond live sound productions as he brings his keen listening ear into the studio world as well and has a brilliant eye for spotting Nashville youngest and brightest studio musicians.

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