A Little Teacher Appreciation

Life can throw some pretty incredible people in your path and in this case the path of my oldest son Carter.  My sons, Carter and Wesley, attend Cole Elementary School where you will find music teacher Mr. William Laarz.  As the mother of three boys interested deeply in music and a husband who not only works in the music industry, but also contributes to the indie artist/songwriting end as well, you can only arrive at the conclusion that music education is an important element to the public education of our children.  Both to us and the children themselves.

Mr. Laarz During An After School Music Program

We have been so very pleased with Mr. Laarz's dedication to not only educating our children in music, but also the way he encourages and supports the children. My sons, both Carter and Wesley, react in such a positive way to Mr. Laarz's approach on teaching.  Carter particularly lights up with every complement Mr. Laarz pays him and I believe this causes a chain reaction in my son to work harder to improve his musical abilities. Certainly this could play a vital role in my son’s future, both as a musician and as a person functioning in everyday society.

Mr. Laarz is most certainly part of what makes Cole Elementary a stand out school in our Metro Nashville public school system.  Thank you Mr. Laarz for everything you have done and are doing in my child’s life. Also thank you to the Cole Elementary staff and faculty!   Every single one of you are appreciated and the work you do in the lives of this community's children does not go unnoticed.  I am happy and proud that my children get to be part of such a supporting and active school.  Thank you for caring about my children's education almost as much as I do!!!

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