Past Interwined With Present

Traveling back to about 11 years ago, I was just shy of turning sixteen, super excited and very nervous to be interviewing for a entry level position at the Overton County News. You know, "the sweep the floor, deliver the papers, and take in the world of writing going on around me" kind of position. Never the less, I was excited. So there I was sitting across from Carson Oliver(Chief as we called him) owner and operator of the award winning weekly publication in Livingston, TN. By the end of the interview I was smiling with the knowledge that in a couple of weeks, when the paper settled into their shiny, and much roomer new building located on West Main Street, I would be employed by the Overton County News. I am sure that working for the newspaper only fueled my desire to overcome dyslexia and write to the best of my ability. I have to say that my first job was by far the coolest first job, I mean it sure beat flipping burgers for gas money. I continued to work at the paper for the next 3 years up until I married and moved away to Nashville in May of 2000. It was a sad day telling Carson I was leaving…I actually loved my job and all the people that I worked with, but I was off to Nashville to chase after a dream with my husband.
So you may be asking what does working at a paper in my past intertwine with here and now and the theme of this blog mostly being music??…Well besides the Overton County News giving me so many of the skills I use to blog,  while I was employed there I met Darren Oliver whom  has become a huge supporter of my husband’s music career. Often times he and his ever so beautiful fiancee, Pat Gore, make trips to come out and support the music. Whether that’s  a late night trip to Nashvegas or bringing us in to Livingston for a little home town support!
Most recently Darren put together this amazing 40th birthday party bash for Pat at a local dance studio located on the square in Livingston, TN, which included  food, cake, candle light, good friends, and music. Stephen and I where both so honored when Darren approached Stephen about performing at the the party which would include the Birthday girl living a dream and performing  for a live audience.  I have to say the party was wildly successful and so very much fun to be apart of. Pat’s performance was priceless.  In other words, she did an amazing job!!!
Photo Credit Darren Oilver
So all that to really just say that I have been blown away by the support we have received from my old co-worker, and I just want to say thank you for all of it. All the support is so appreciated, and it’s always so good to see a familiar face in the crowd when Stephen performs. A face that reminds me of the best job I ever had, and a face that reminds me that people really do get excited and they really do connect with the music. So thank you for being such a loyal and supportive fan and friend Darren!

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