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If you live in the Nashville area, now is your chance to come out and lend your listening ear.  So, you can find out first hand what this blog talks so much about. I am talking about MUSIC and at the heart of music are the songwriters. They are the talent that captures our dreams, love, hope, admirations, and they turn all of the emotions and moments of our lives into beautiful lyrics and melodies without ever stepping foot into our lives.  When you're married to a songwriter, often times your life is the music, but that's a whole different story all together. For now, you should checkout for yourself the songwriting gifts of Jared Crump, Elliot Collett, Stephen Garrett, and Adam Ryan at Belcourt Taps & Tapas tomorrow Saturday, March 26th the show starts at 8pm.......Don't be late!!!
Make Reservations & Bring Your Friends Along

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