Center Stage

Back in December 2011 (I know I blog slow), my sons received an awesome surprise gift from their Granny Lou, G Pa and Uncle Russ. A couple of days before the Garrett Family Christmas celebration, the secret construction of the little bonus room music stage began. Granny Lou, being the grand supporter of the family’s love of music, sacrificed a section of her upstairs room for the stage. The stage complete with lights and a sound board was kept secret until the night of the Family's Christmas celebration.

Can you imagine the excitement and anticipation of finding out what the big secret is upstairs?!?! The boys walked up the stairs and lit up like a Christmas tree when they saw their very own music stage set up with mics , guitars and drums ready to roll for the first of many Garrett Boy bonus room concerts. There was a lot of jumping up and down, clapping, and smiles all around. The little fellows truly thought they were rock stars!

So here is too the new stage, and to the Uncles and Grandparents who have the dazzling ability to go big when encouraging the Garrett Family dream that has been passed down from generation to generation! Let the lyrics and melodies of the newest generations begin!!!
The Garrett Boys

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